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Thanks for that Leigh , yes by the sounds of it Alistair and his younger brother  Will ?  where setting the pace , Sat  did look fresh to frightening from what i saw . Thanks again to Geoff RC for the fossil gifts he donated to the Regatta ,

I think Will needs to ditch the Hobie 16 and get a Weta like his Dad and Brother after his effort on the w/end .

I certainly Hope all the Guys had a good time and strengthened the Weta Family relationship , i wish i had been able to stay longer and participate ( at least on Sunday ) it would have been good to be in a 11 strong fleet of Weta’s .

Thank you to the Guys from the ACT who made the trip and Also a big Hello to Peter Graham our latest owner ,also Andy  who was in his 1st Weta event.

The ACT Titles are shaping up to be a great event especially if we have 10 + Boats competing I wonder if Will can borrow DADS boat and give the ol guys a bit of a touch up ?  if Not ill lend him mine so they can compete against each other .

I heard that 4-5 guys are looking to sail/race on the pittwater on a regular basis or at the Palm beach Cat Club this is great news the more exposure we get the better for the class and the more FUN you guys have Racing each other !

It was good to see Dylon and Peter both having their sons crew for them at the w/end  i intend to do the same what a great way to spend time with your boys and teach them something as well they are the future of sailing in Australia.

I will endeavour to make it to Canberra if only to support and watch the racing i will consult with my DR and see what he says  about the car ride over the Mtn i mean the spiritual leader should be there right LOL