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Paul White
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Australian Weta Nationals Poll

In trying to organise the nationals we need to try to please the majoirty so we select the veune and format that attracts the largest number of participants. Please complete the questionnaire below.

Would you be more likely to attend a Weta Nationals event it it was held over a holiday weekend or non-holiday weekend?1. Yes
2. No

How many days should the event last?1. 1
2. 2
3. 3

When should the event take place?1. December
2. Between Christmas and New Year
3. January
4. February
5. Other

How far would you be willing to travel to attend a Weta Nationals event?1. Up to 3 hours
2. 3-5 Hours
3. 6-8 Hours
4. 8+ hours

Would you prefer an event to be held on the sea, on enclosed waters near the sea, on an inland lake?1. sea
2. near sea
3. inland

What format regatta would you prefer?1. olympic-style courses
2. olympic-style +reaching leg
3. around fixed marks

What format distance race would you prefer?1. around fixed marks
2. orienteering (map reading)

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