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Wetanuff 863

Hi Leigh
Weta-ers…sounds questionable? What about Weta-ings or Weta- eaux (if you like the French connection with water.)

Looking forward to meeting up. Have already asked Steven (Sailing Club organiser) where to eat, but so far no reply. Also asked how many Wetas have registered and would we get our own start. Clearly question overload.

Not sure when I will be arriving yet, but will be there on the 4th – 6th. Have to co-ordinate with son as to eta. Have we a convoy?

Had a first outing yesterday. I clearly need to practice my down wind beach landings…..These boats are real thoroughbreds – they tack on a dime and are so light on helm. They are deceptively fast after my last keel dragger.

Had a helluva job de-mounting the mast after the sail. Will be watching intently how the others do it at JB. I had to ask a guy’s help – he shook the whole boat before the mast lifted out. Maybe I have to lubricate the bottom slot?


Yellow hull, yellow genny

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