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    Paul White

    Just like the tacking techniques thread, there are multiple ways of achieving the same result when Gybing.

    1.  Dave from Weta West uses a backward facing technique.

    Pros: You can help the mainsail through the gybe

    Cons: You’re not looking where you’re going and you have to leave the jib backed while you retrieve the tiller.

    2. Miranda shows a forward facing technique

    Pro: Facing forward prevents oversteering

    Cons: Changing hands requires many wobbles of the tiller. Not very fast.

    3. Using adding spinnaker blocks

    If you add additional turning blocks to the spinnaker sheet, attached to the ama arms where they meet the hull, you can do most of the gybe facing forward including gybing the spinnaker and jib and and and then reach back for the tiller.

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