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    I have an older boat and am interested in upgrading to the Ronstan continuous furler system. My concern is that to do this, I have to take the fairlead off the foredeck cam cleat. I am happy to do this, but the older hulls don’t have the deck hatch of the newer boats. I want to know if the bolts holding the cleats on are held captive by any mechanism? I dont want to undo them and have the nuts disappear into the hull never to be used again, and with no way of getting new nuts onto the job without cutting open the hull (which I don’t want to do).

    Any thoughts from anyone??

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      Paul White
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      If you don’t sail in over 20 knots of breeze you could get away with using a 2:1 ratio system for the Harken furler as it gives you a double the number of furling turns for half the effort (as described in this forum post).

      However, if you do decide to upgrade, I also upgraded my boat from the Harken furler to the KZ Furler and removed the fairlead.

      Like all the cleats on the Weta, it’s held in place with self-tapping screws rather than bolts, so it’s very easy to remove – I’d advise cleaning the old sealant off the screws and adding a dab of new silicon sealant before doing them up again.

      Hope this helps


      #325, Sydney

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