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    Has anyone got any idea’s on a spray shield for Weta’s please let me know. Cheers Pete

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      Paul White
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      Mesh deflectors have been tried before but with limited success according to this thread on the Yahoo Forums.

      There’s a video of some in use here but they don’t seem very effective

      The Weta is a very wet boat but hiking out from the outer edge of the tramp or sitting on the ama upwind are definitely better than lying on the tramp, as the middle of the tramp seems to get the most spray.

      If you have the additional central toe-strap between the mainsheet and harness eyes, you can then safely sit on the flat section aka behind the ama arm sailing downwind – this means your head can stay out of most of the spray from the bow.

      I find that having a smock-type spray top with seals around the waist, neck and wrists is better than using standard waterproofs as they keep you dryer which means less wind-chill – and fewer drips down the neck.

      I also prefer to sail with a stiff brimmed cap as you can use the peak to deflect some of the spray heading for your face.

      Dave Bernstein discusses Weta clothing here –

      Although I always have the lifejacket as the top layer since it gives rescuers something to grab hold of. Also I put a multi-tool with a sharp blade in the front pocket of the life jacket as well as a spare soft shackle.

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