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Sunday 13 Sep was the first of the CYC Short Course program.   Frustratingly, good winds were forecast for Saturday and Monday with Sunday having a 4-5 knot breeze dying into the evening.

With 860 on duty in the Committee Boat it was again an “America’s Cup” event between 904 and 963.  The course consisted of a “triangle and a sausage.”  The triangle was completed with 904 having the windward advantage.  904 was the first to tack while 963 decided to bang the layline.  This proved to be a mistake and 904 turned onto the home leg with a handy lead.

With the race all but sewn up, the PRO decided to abandon the race!   Much to the amusement of the catamaran fleet as it was probably the first time in two years that 904 was leading on the home leg.

The pre-start of the second race saw the breeze freshen a little.  963 and most of the catamaran fleet (Div 4 and 5 start together) positioned for a run to the line while 904 stayed in close proximity.   It turned out that 904 was correct as the breeze lightened in the final minute leaving the bulk of the fleet too far from the start.

With a significant early lead it looked like the race was 904’s for the taking.  Although 963 made good ground on the final leg, 904 crossed the finish line for a good win.

On the light wind days it is possible for the Weta to give the catamarans a run for their money.  Once the cats get enough breeze to lift a hull they soon tend to disappear up front.   The shape of Lake Burley Griffen does not generally suit boats with a gennaker/screecher.   So a 14 ft cat sitting on the rumb-line tends to have similar VMG to the Weta zig-zagging its way down.