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Paul White
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Hi Glenn

I’m not sure since that was a photo from the Yahoo Weta Forums – but I suspect it would be stainless steel as aluminium would need to be pretty thick to be able to take the weight of an engine and probably would have to be welded to accept the bends in the plate shown in the photo.

You might be interested in this universal bracket solution http://www.v-lock.com which looks as if it doesn’t require a backing plate as the load is spread over the surface it’s attached to.

You’d then be able to mount an angled motor bracket to it or a lifting version here.

You could also use stainless toggle bolts to anchor you fitting to the stern without having make a hole in the cockpit to add a backing plate.

The mounting boards tend to be either hardwood or polyurethane.

This bracket on eBay may be a good cheap alternative.

Hope this helps




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