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The problem with bolting it through top and bottom is that the bottom bolt and tiller extension may contact the cockpit sides if you have to put the tiller hard over – or more likely the bulge from the ama arm sockets.

If you attach two tiller extension saddles either side of the tiller and, instead of screwing them in place, use bolts right through the tiller, they can’t hit the deck or cockpit.

You can unbolt the original single tiller attachment fitting from the top of the tiller using a small spanner to hold the nuts inside the tiller while you unscrew the bolt.

Tiller drag prevention
Once you’ve installed your twin tiller system you then have to decide what you do with the loose tiller – you can leave it to drag in the water skiff style – but it may get in the way. Alternatives are:

  1. Use a ring
    Before you add the rubber end fitting to the tiller extension, thread a plastic ring down the tube.
    Then use some thin bungee to attach this to the hiking strap to keep it from falling off the edge of the tramp but allow it to swing forward if you go forward.
  2. Use a rest made from conduit tube
    Tie some conduit tube under the tramp from the forward arm so that it extends at least 20cm from under the sternĀ  ama arm. Ensure the tube is tied so it’s can’t swivel round.
    Add an upright piece of conduit tube to the existing tube at the stern to create the tiller extension rest.
    When you tack you can let go of the old tiller extension and either place it in the rest or let it fall onto the rest which will keep it from dragging in the water.

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