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Paul White
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Shallow Steering Mod
A development of this is to remove the rod but keep the “fork” attached to the top of the rudder foil and wrap it in tape to cushion it.


This enables you to flip the fork down between the foil and stock and prevent the rudder from going down completely so you can steer in shallow water (NOTE – use gradual steering movements with the rudder half down as otherwise you may put undue stress on the stock)

Once you reach deep water you can flip the fork up out of the way and slide the bungee down the stock to hold the foil in place.

Flip up Line

If you need to be able to quickly flip the foil up – when coming in to a beach or ramp for example – you can attach a line to the top of the foil (where the fork is attached) and keep it attached to the tiller using thin bungee. When you need to raise the rudder, just pull the line to flip the rudder up (you may need to slide the bungee part way up the stock first).

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