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Paul White
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I note from the report of Linda and Randy’s adventure that they were sailing with the full main and no jib in winds up to 40 knots!

Hobie were offering a sail with the the Zip-off reefing system for the Wave but seem to have dropped the product now.

I agree about keeping the boat flat and I aim to keep the leward hull buried no further than the midline. It’s very easy to get comfortable on the tramp and not realise that the leward hull is under water!

I did a test today in light winds (5-9 knots) using the GPS reading from iRegatta on the iPhone. I was sitting up next to the mast most of the time but as soon as the leward hull reached the midline I moved back to the edge of the tramp and got an immediate increase in speedĀ  – OK it was only around .1 of a knot but enough to make a difference.

I mount my camera on the stern using a DIY “Suckastick”- as described and photograped in the Weta Yahoo Forums.

I have an SJ3000 waterproof camera for <$100 which comes with a remote that I keep in the front pocket of the lifejacket. I usually just turn it on when I launch and run it until the battery dies – around 90 minutes.

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