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Paul White
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Self Tacking Jib Tips

If you’re having issues with scratches on the top of the bow from the original all-steel block  which has sharp edges, consider replacing it with the all-plastic RF25109 (standard on new boats) which comes with a Dyneema core lashing.
NOTE Tie the lashing through the middle of the block as shown – otherwise the block may split apart under load.
Alternatively, use a 5mm Ronstan Shock (Sheeveless Block) which is lightweight adonised aluminium, cannot fail under load and has rounded edges that won’t scratch. The Dyneema is slippery enough to allow the line to feed through the Shock without causing wear.
For best security, instead of tying a stop knot in the lashing for the block which can pull through the hole in the deck, knot the lashing under the bow.
Check the holes in the deck. If you find the lashing is starting to wear a groove in the deck where it exist the holes, consider adding a Deck Bush, like this range from Allen Bros. Available in colourful adonised aluminium, Acetel or Acetel with a stainless steel insert.
If you have an older boat without the central track support, you may find it helpful to add a pad eye to the deck in front of the track and attach a pair of blocks so the sheets are fed under the track without snagging.
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  • This reply was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by Paul White.