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Oops!  Sorry about that, you look like your brother!  Perhaps I should put you down as second-favourite then.  Anyway, well done to both of you.  As the Weta circuit grows hopefully we can come up with something more appropriate as far as a prize goes for the ACT Championship and perhaps put together some sort of ACT/NSW traveller’s series.   Depends what the membership want.  Next year we hope to offer competitors and families a Weta Regatta evening of some description – at the cheap end a BBQ through to a dinner at a restaurant/club.  We had plans for a BBQ at CYC but we heard that the YMCA was putting something on so we thought we should attend that.  When we got there, there was only one sausage left!

Nice conditions for taking the kids out for a spin.  Glad to hear they enjoyed their ride and the weekend in Canberra.  The smaller race track, lighter winds (than JB) and short courses kept the fleet in close proximity.  I think everyone enjoyed their weekend and looking forward to the next event.