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Paul White
  • City: Sydney
  • Country: Australia
  • Weta Sail Number: 1300

It’s probably also worthwhile contacting George Morris at the UK Weta Class Association http://www.weta.org.uk


The other suggestion is to consider importing one from France as over 100 have been sold there and they’ve just received a shipment of 2015 Wetas –  so some of the existing owners may be looking to upgrade.

They have a Forum here http://forum.weta.fr/

And a Facebook Page which has a boat listed which would seem to fit your budget.

GREY WETA #457 still available for 6500€ excl. 20% VAT!

Although I think that boat is kept outside the EU – hence VAT has not been paid and you would have to pay VAT in order to bring it into the EU.

Hope this helps

Paul #325 Sydney (but originally from the UK)