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Hi Guys,

Sounds like we have a good fun weekend lined up. Let’s hope the weather is friendly.

Geoff C – Re taking the mast down, and putting up for that matter. The first time I put the mast up I had a bit of a challenge until the penny dropped. Chris Kitchen recommends in one of his articles, setting the chainplate on the third hole to obtain the correct rake. If you try to take the mast out, or put it in, holding it vertical the shrouds will work against you. So make sure you hold the mast “with the rake” and it gets easier. Not than I’m any sort of expert!

The first sail in any sort of wind is a learning curve experience! All part of the fun of a new boat. I have gone a similar route, bigger boats down to the Weta. Although not a huge jump from my last boat, a Flying Fifteen, it is a totally new experience. The acceleration is great.

How about – Weta-ista!

I thought I would register on Saturday morning.

Re Fri night – it looks like the RSL or Bowling Club.

PS Wife’s new name for a Weta – Sir Wetalot!