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Tom Kirkman

This is all very good stuff but I’ll add one thing – fear of capsizing can be greatly overcome by just going ahead and capsizing your Weta. Pick a spot where the water is deep enough that the mast isn’t going to go aground and be damaged and stay far enough away from shore that you won’t wash up in a bad spot while you’re trying to right boat.

The reason I suggest purposely capsizing the boat is that you can die a thousand deaths worrying about something only to find that the thing itself isn’t really that bad. Plus, you get the chance to practice righting the boat. Kill two birds with one stone.

I was never “afraid” of capsizing but my preference was to stay upright. I had planned a practice capsize but never got around to it. Then one day on a beam reach I got hit with a solid 30-35MPH gust. I tried to steer out from under it (bore off) but didn’t want to release the mainsheet and have to build up speed again. So I went over. The actual capsize wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined it might be. It just rolled over and lowered me into the drink. Once I got the boat up and back to shore I was laughing about it.

My preference remains to stay right side up, but I’m not going to sit home on really windy days just because I might capsize. It ain’t that bad and once a new Weta owner has experienced it they’ll know it’s nothing to lose sleep over. Go ahead and get it over with so it doesn’t hamper your future enjoyment of the boat.