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Another (in)famous trimaran capsize.

While interesting from a trimaran sailor’s perspective, it really has little to do with the Weta experience. The mainsheet can be released far easier on a Weta than on these monsters.

However, on one of my first Weta sails on Lake Burley-Griffen the wind was typical inland gusty conditions. As it turned out, I had the angle of the mainsheet block set too low and I could not release it from the tramp. Of course, I only learnt this after I was hit by a big gust, and I’m sure the mast almost went horizontal with the water. All ended well with the Weta flopping down to its usual position. Super forgiving. First fix when I got back to the beach, adjust the mainsheet cleat so I could uncleat it from the tramp!

And that seems to be the lesson from these trimaran capsizes, be able to dump the mainsheet at all times.