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Paul White
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Bowsprit Mounts

Mounting a camera on the bowsprit is a great way of capturing the action on the boat and the smiling faces of the sailors (don’t forget to smile!).

You need the camera low enough so it doesn’t snag the bottom of the screecher when you gybe, so make sure that the mount and camera have any sharp edges removed or taped over.

While GoPro mounts are well made, they do tend to make the camera quite high and if you have a 1/4” standard tripod hole on the camera or an adapter, I recommend the Sony Mounts such as the VCT-RBM2 which use a strap to secure it instead of the thumb screws of the GoPro mounts which can catch the furling line.

Avoid cheap mounts from eBay or the ones from Kaiser Bass or SP Gadgets as, with some exceptions, they don’t use 316 Stainless Steel which means they corrode quickly in seawater.

If you use a pole, a handlebar mount is usually the right size.

There are also head mounts available – good for seeing exactly where you’re looking and how much time you spend looking outside the boat.

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