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Hi Alistair,

Glenn is getting the details on Jervis Bay, so stay tuned on that one!   I believe that two Wetas from Canberra are planning to make the JB regatta.

In Canberra Spring is the best season for wind, sometimes too much!   Make sure you bring your cold weather sailing gear.  With a little luck we should get some good sailing in and the venue is very attractive.   The Weta can sail under Commonwealth Bridge and get access to Central Basin – the National Library, High Court and the National Gallery are located on the south bank.   Cruisers can also sail  to the Governor-General’s for a look.  So if you want to race and cruise you can look forward to plenty of sailing!

Nice water in Gosford.  Be nice to get a Weta event happening up there.  Looks a bit thin re launching and retrieving though.

Wetaz #904