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Paul White
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If they’re over 180lbs 20-30 mph is 17-25 knots which should be easy with the big sail if they have dinghy experience IMHO.

If they’ve not had dinghy experience, or experience with a dinghy that requires hiking, then before they go out, show them the hiking position using the toe-straps sitting on the outer edge of the tramp as well as sitting on the ama with the harness.

I’d also suggest you go out with them the first time and while you steer sitting on the edge of the hull (you don’t get so wet there!) while they hike out from the edge of the tramp using the toe-straps (or sitting on the ama) with the mainsheet in their hand and then swap over so they get used to both positions, before going out alone.

Upwind, the key is to use your weight to balance the heel by hiking out first and then if the leward ama still starts to bury, ease the main and/or feather up. Conversely, on a reach (especially with the kite up) you need to bear away and ease the kite if the leward hull buries which seems counter-intuitive but it reduces the heel and pressure on the sails.


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