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    Jerry K.

    I’ve been looking for a Weta and recently can across a grey boat on craigslist and there were some red flags.  Though the seller claims it is titled in his name and registered, there is a painted metal plate attached where the serial number should be and the boat is missing  its rudder, tiller, extension, daggerboard, bowsprit and all sails.  This all struck me as odd, especially the missing serial number.  Have any boats gone missing the over the last few years?

    Boat was listed for $2900, then $2500, $1950, and seller offered to me for $1300.  The missing serial number was enough for me to pass.  In addition, I did some quick math and it would take like $5000 to replace all the missing parts.

    If any of you have posted a wanted ad on craigslist looking for all the parts missing on this boat, you may want to reconsider buying it given the removed serial number tag.  At the time I looked I was unaware of a second serial number on the boat and didn’t look for it.  Boat is grey, still nice and shiny and the dolly has flat tires.  As of yesterday, this boat was in Dana Point, though seller claims to have a buyer lined up so it may be gone soon.


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      Paul White
      • City: Sydney
      • Country: Australia
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      I think I found a copy of the Ad here (although it has now been removed from Craiglist).

      It does strike me as suspicious too – why would someone steal all the parts of a Weta which an owner would typically take away with them to prevent it from being stolen?

      There is a second serial number stamped on a metal tag underneath the transom bar.


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