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    Paul White

    While a trailer is more practical for most people, there are countries (e.g. Japan and Singapore) where trailers are banned and carrying the boat on the roof is the only option.

    However, before you rush out to buy your roof bars, check the maximum roof weight allowed for your vehicle. For many regular cars it’s 75Kg or 165 Lbs and given that the main hull of the Weta weighs 60 Kg and each float 18 Kg, add the weight of the roof rack, there won’t be much left for the trolley.

    Examples of vehicle weight limits are Nissan Patrol = 100kg, Ford Everest = 100kg,  VW Amarok = 100kg, Land Rover Discovery 5 = 80kg, and Toyota HiLux = 75kg.

    An alternative may be to load the boat onto the load tray of a pickup truck/ute – although this does mean you will have to deal with any regulations regarding having a load protruding beyond the vehicle (for example tying a flag to the load).

    It may be possible to get a ladder rack which goes over the load area and allows the boat to sit over the cab.


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