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    Paul White

    Issue: The standard continuous jibsheet setup means there is a lot of rope in the cockpit which is easy to stand on or get caught up with the mainsheet. Also the jibsheets have to be taken with you every time you tack.

    Solution: Many owners have converted their jibsheets to a crossover setup where a loop is formed in the centre of the jibsheet (using a butterfly knot) and the sheet tails are then fed through the cleats either side and crossed over to be tied off on the webbing loops on the outer edge of the tramp. The loop is attached to the jib clew holes using either soft (Dyneema) or stainless steel shackles.

    Benefit: The jib sheet is always to hand for adjustment when hiking and out of the way when tacking. The process of tacking is faster as you can release one sheet and grab the new one and pull it on as you reach backwards for the tiller extension. Soft shackles are cheap, easy to undo and won’t damage the boat or crew.

    More info here

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      Highly recommended setup.

      I use a stainless steel shackle. ┬áThis also solved an issue I had with the knots on the clew of the jib coming undone – ┬álike happened to another Weta at the last CYC Winter Series event.


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