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    Paul White

    The storage area under the cockpit is fairly large but If you’re planning to cruise in a Weta or do long-distance events, you may find the 6″ front hatch too restrictive. Here are some alternative hatches.

    Armstrong Waterproof Deck Plates

    Available in round (6-12″) and rectangular (11×21″) shapes, unlike the normal hatches which all leak to some extent, Armstrong hatches are fully waterproof as the bar under the lid fits inside the hatch and enables it to be locked into place fully closing the built-in seal around the edge. This also makes them quick to install on a smooth surface.

    Yacht Hatches

    Rectangular hatches made by Lewmar (and others) will fit neatly between the daggerboard and the mast. You need to ensure you get one with the handle on the outside as most are designed to be closed from inside. They are rigid but do add some weight.


    Hobie Kayak Hatches
    Hobie make a range of round and rectangular hatches which feature a waterproof twist lock to seal and lids that are hinged so can’t be lost.

    Cutting the Hole

    Ensure the hatch surround is going to fit on the flat surface in front of the daggerboard – both below and above deck.

    Mark the cut-out dimensions on the hull

    Wearing a mask, gloves and goggles, Drill a hole big enough for the blade of a jigswaw inside the marked area and, using a suitable blade, cut out the circle or square for the new hatch with a jigsaw. Smooth off the edges with wet & dry paper used wet.

    Remove any dust and, having cleaned the area with alcohol or methylated spirits, Insert your hatch making sure that the seal has been properly fitted.

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