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    Paul White

    The NS Start is a compliment to the more feature rich NS 360 Wireless for those not requiring a magnetic compass or all waypoint/route management functions.

    Features include:

    Speedo GPS :
    The Speed Over Ground of the boat as measured by the GPS receiver is indicated by the display (High / Medium / Low).

    Distance to the start line:
    The NS Start start line distance function provides you the vital information to pinpoint exactly where you are relative to the line.

    • A sign /- indicates clearly which side of the line you are
    • The bow offset allows you to get the distance from your bow to the line
    • Ends can be ‘Pinged’ whilst travelling in any direction
    • Dedicated boat/pin end buttons: dedicated buttons make storing the startline easy and intuitive

    The easiest count-down timer: Press the timer button to get the 5 minutes sequence started. Press it again, and it will re-synchronize to 4 minutes or 1 minute. (there no support for any other time sequence)

    Compass GPS :
    The NS Start over ground digital compass delivers a reliable heading information measured by the GPS transducer, with a resolution of 1 degree.

    Data-logger :
    Up to 124 hours of sailing data can be recorded and transferred wirelessly to your computer for post-races analysis.

    Large display. Obvious buttons for each function. IPX-8 Waterproof t0 40m. At around $300 it’s good value compared with the Prostart/Tacktick. Also the rechargeable batteries can easily be replaced.

    Display is not angled and is polarized so may interfere with polarized sunglasses. Some users have developed complex systems for rotation against the angle of the boom.

    Weta Rating: 3/5 (but beware polarised display issue)


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    • This topic was modified 9 years, 8 months ago by Paul White.
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