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    Paul White

    If the rudder is loose, the hole in the rudder stock for the pivot can become an oval rather than a circular hole.

    It can be repaired by gluing large stainless steel washers to the outside of the rudder stock either using marine epoxy resin (thickened if required) or using marine epoxy glue.

    Safety warning: Always use a mask when sanding and wear disposable gloves when handling resin.

    1. Mask off any areas with plastic packing tape including the rudder and nut and bolt if you plan to use them to locate the hole while curing.
    2. Roughen the raised area around the hole either side with 800 wet and dry paper. Clean with acetone or methylated spirits.
    3. Roughen the washers with a file or by scoring grooves one one side using a hardened steel implement – e.g. the tip of a carbon-tipped drill.
    4. Apply resin to the prepared areas on the stock and position the washers in the correct location. You may need to bulk up the resin with powder to make it more viscous.
    5. Secure the washers while curing by passing a bolt through the rudder stock (and rudder) and loosely tighten it into position.
    6. Using a thin spatula, fill the area around the bolt with resin on the inside of the rudder stock. Cover with plastic packing tape to prevent the resin from sticking to the rudder.
    7. When cured, remove all tape and use a sharp blade from a modelling knife to remove excess resin. Smooth any protruding resin with a file and then a piece of wood covered in increasingly fine wet and dry paper.

    Oval pivot hole


    Hole surround and washer prepared for gluing


    Bolt taped up to prevent resin sticking to it


    Washer in position


    Washer after curing

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    • This topic was modified 8 years, 8 months ago by Paul White.
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