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    Paul White

    Quite a nice design and nice large display – but suffers from small buttons for navigating between menus, lack of any documentation or demos and the Premium subscription is a joke.

    The main menu has a big button for race and you use the buttons on the bottom

    My Marks = Set fixed marks as you pass them with large buttons for port or starboard rounding, or from Lat/Long. But you can’t add them from the Map as you can in the race course editor.
    Tracks – Lets you view, edit and share tracksĀ  – including adding symbols for marks and start etc
    Tools – has utilites such as stopwatch, compass and currents (allows you to record the drift).

    Pressing Race allows you to select between Race and Training.

    In Race mode you can add marks by sailing past the mark or entering lat/long and then you can ping them as you pass or enter them on a map – but you don’t seem to be able to add these marks into My Marks. You can however incorporate the My Marks into your course.

    You build a course by pinging the Pin and Start boat. Then either add the location of the Finish or if the start and finish are the same press S=F.

    You can add marks manually or from the Satellite map. Click on Add to add Marks from My Marks or pinging them from Lat/Long. You will see the Mark letters (a,b,c etc) appear as a tiny list along the bottom of the screen but you can only delete themĀ  – you cannot change the order.

    Click on Map to drag and drop pins representing marks on a Google satellite image of your location.

    Once you’ve set up a course, swipe to set the wind direction and swipe again to use the timer (these screens doesn’t show up in the practice mode).

    The next two screens have configurable outputs which can be changed by clicking on the Blue Button surrounding the Output name (took me ages to find this!) and you can pick from a list of outputs including Distance to mark, VMG to wind, bearing to mark, COG, SOG, max speed, total distance, avg speed.

    Premium additions include Distance to start, time to mark, VMG to mark, Burntime to start but stupidly these premium features are only available for 7 days for $6.49 = $337/year!

    Pros: Clear user interface with (mostly) readable screens and good visibility on displays. Vocal countdown.

    Cons: Lack of ANY documentation, race mark setup is not always intuitive, small text on some displays (especially the course creation screen). Stupid premium pricing.

    Weta Rating: 3/5

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