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    Paul White

    This is to capture those Apps I have looked at but in their current form, they’re not suitable for the Weta and why. Criteria included:

    – It should work in vertical (portrait) and landscape mode so that the phone can be fixed to the mast but not catch on the sheets.

    – Displays should be legible from 3 metres distance

    – Buttons should be large enough so that you don’t need glasses to read them and can press them easily while sailing

    – Countdown should allow any amount of time (not just 5 mins) for pursuit races and multiple starts.

    – Countdown time should be able to be set in advance with a start button to activate and sync up and down

    – App should be able to use the internal GPS of the phone rather than just rely on NMEA data

    – App should be configurable for small boats like the Weta

    So here are some that didn’t make the cut:

    SailRacer (sailracer.net)**

    An interesting idea of linking a racing app with tracks that are automatically updated to the website but unfortunately the UI – even in the demo video from the apps developer, suffers from a poor user interface with small display and lack of contrast. A pity because it has a portrait and landscape display. Also most functionality is only available if you buy a subscription.

    ESA Regatta *

    Mainly a tool to link with their NMEA WiFi Dongle which transmits NMEA data over Wifi. There is a lite version of the app without the NMEA data input but it’s aimed at large yachts and if you want to add a new boat the first thing you have to do is manually enter a polar chart. In demo mode the displays are too small on a phone and it only works in landscape mode.

    Regatta Recon **

    This has a very clear display for the limited information it can show – basically your bearing and speed as well as a start countdown which you start by picking from a list of times (6 mins max) – rather then setting the time in advance and then pressing go. Shift indicator is good but no vertical display.

    SailRace Timer *

    If you just want a timer then this app is OK but the leading zeros in the display (e.g. 00:05:00) are completely unnecessary and make it less readable.

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