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    Paul White

    The Velocitek SpeedPuck is s GPS performance sailing tool that provides speed and heading. The heading is indicated by “ticks” which indicate lift and header relative to your average heading. The speed is shown as numerals.

    SpeedPuck is completely self contained and can be installed in seconds, without tools. Instead of using a paddlewheel, the SpeedPuck calculates your speed by measuring the Doppler shift in GPS signals to provide you with an updated reading twice a second.

    You can extract the GPS track to a computer for anlysis but there is no 3D race replay or ability to compare tracks with others.

    The SpeedPuck is pretty simple and readable but is quite expensive at around $339.

    Pros: Easy to mount and large numbers. Visibility in bright conditions. Can be mounted on the hatch cover. Battery replacement easy.

    Cons: Lack of bearing info for tack angles means you can’t spot trends since it’s only comparing your average angle. Quite expensive for limited functionality.

    Weta Rating: 4/5

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