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    Weta Fresher
    Weta Marine are adopting a “Weta evolution” approach which will keep pace with technology and ensure we keep fresh in the market while maintaining a One Design (OD) ethos. We are committed to protecting the Weta owners investment but this can also be done by moving forward. We are very happy that the transition to the 2015 Weta did not really affect the value of the China manufactured Weta.
    It is not possible to have a standard sail that suits all sailors with different prevailing winds and different body weights. Other OD boats offer 3 different rigs (e.g. Laser and RS). At the moment we are testing a 10 sq m sail which is performing very well but the design brief is for this to be effective up to 18 knots and above this manageable. Early trials are very positive. The test sail is radial cut, square top and looks really good. It is clearly out performing the standard Weta sail in 5-15knots but a lot more testing is required.

    Foam Weta
    The first 4 Weta manufactured in NZ were of foam sandwich construction. At the time it was not an economic manufacturing option. Technology has enabled Weta to revisit this option again.

    The reasons are that any weight they can get out of the hulls, while not compromising strength, makes the assembly and land management of the Weta easier. Our 4 NZ foam Weta are winners for our owners who are advancing in years and gives them at least an extra 5 years of quality sailing!

    We are looking at weight savings of up to 10 – 12kg which may not sound much but it does make a big difference to launch and retrieval.

    For both the new sail and the foam boat we are committed to keeping any price increase to a minimum.

    Weta welcome feedback on these initiatives as your comments are vital to the continuing success of the Weta.

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