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    Paul White

    Released in February 2020, the new Weta Self-Tacking Jib provides an easier tacking solution for anyone with restricted mobility or dexterity  – or solo sailors who may find it difficult to tack or gybe the boat while passing the tiller around the stern, gybing the gennaker, tacking the jib, maintaining course and avoiding competitors or marks.

    The sail is only 6% smaller than the original jib but deeper cut, and results to date suggest that there is no disadvantage or advantage to the self-tacker due to the sail – but it does make boat-handling easier. The original prototypes required a clot to be cut into the deck but feedback from customers and dealers suggested that a version which required no holes in the deck would be more acceptable and high strength flexible adhesives are used to hold it in place so the boat can revert to standard if required.

    Also there are separate versions for China-built boats (Sail #1-999) and those built in Singapore (Sail #1000+) due to changes in the deck profile made when a new mould was created.

    The installation guide is here  – note that the tracks have have a centre support as well as the two side pieces – in practice we have found the centre support is not required as the track isn’t under load while the jib is centred. Also there may be some differences in production of the track, mouldings and deck – despite the extensive use of jigs in production, which may mean there are slight issues with fitting it to the deck before the adhesive has been applied.  Just weighing or clamping it down while the adhesive cures should resolve the issue.


    What is the retail price?
    RRP USD 1164 + shipping (not including local taxes).

    What is the sail area of the self tacking jib?
    3.0sqm. Around 6% less sail area than the standard jib at 3.2sqm.

    What is the performance of the self tacking jib?
    Very little performance loss, if any. Simple 2:1 purchase. Many gains in terms of ease of boat handling. You have another pair of hands available when tacking and gybing. No need to trim the jib everytime you tack. Cockpit free of jib sheets with only 2m of central self tacking sheet. Standard jib sheet with 2:1 purchase is about 9m.

    Is the self tacking jib adjustable?
    Yes, using the cleat on the mast.

    I have a hinged mast base, can I install the self tacking jib?
    The hinged mast base needs to be adjusted before the self tacker can be installed, contact info@wetamarine.com for instructions.

    Can I use my existing jib?
    No, it is a different cut of sail, specially designed for the self tacking unit. However you can revert back to standard jib configuration with the self tacking unit installed.

    Can a new Weta from the factory come fitted with a self tacking jib?

    Roller furling jib possible?
    It is not possible to combine a roller furler with a self tacker.
    – the drum required for a furling jib makes it too high to get it low enough for the self tacking sheeting angle.
    – a furling jib has to be a restrictive cut to allow it to be furled neatly and of course cannot have battens.
    – the area of a combination sail would be reduced in size to about 80% of the standard jib and would require a new raised ST molding.
    If you leave the jib cleats in place and just add a central fib swivel, you can use a standard jib, furling jib or self tacker.

    What colours are available?
    White or Grey are standard colours. Other colours are only available if ordered with a new boat.

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