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    To all new Weta owners and those thinking of renewing their insurance policy. As a new Weta owner I was surprised by some insurance companies responses. NRMA,GIO and some others would not insure Trimarans, so as a existing member of Yachting Australia (Racing on other peoples and you’re own yacht you are meant to have personal accident insurance to be able to race which they provide in the membership.) I checked their website and they insure with Nautilus Marine insurance. I checked through Nautilus Marines website and couldn’t find a Weta in their dingy category so I went to the part below that says other yachts and looked down that list. There you will find Weta’s, with comprehensive insurance for boat and trailer and only a $100 dollar excess for claims which was a lot cheaper than Club Marine Insurance who had a $1000 excess on any carbon fibre parts. And Nautilus Marine insurance include a $10 million for legal liability which some clubs require to race with them. But it was not that easy, as for the other boats section listed on Nautilus Marine insurance you have to ring for an actual quote. So I called them and described the yacht I was wanting to insure as a Weta trimaran, straight away I got a response from the person who answered my call and she said “Oh sorry sir we don’t insure Trimarans” so I pointed out that their website say’s they do insure Weta Trimarans. She put me on hold and after a minute she came back and said they will have to check with some one and they will call me the next day as it was late in the afternoon. The next day they called and gave me the price that was listed on the website so I brought the insurance. The moral of this story is I choose Nautilus Marine Insurance as they are affiliated with Yachting Australia and they had the right insurance for Weta boats wanting to race. This is just friendly advice from someone who was looking for insurance and in no way am I receiving anything from Nautilus insurance. I do recommend people shop around and find out for themselves and make sure if you do use Nautilus Marine Insurance you check their webpage out and find the listing for Weta’s cheers Pete

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